Mini Lesson 主題學習

Words 實用單字

scarecrow (n) 稻草人

crop (n) 農作物

tie (v) 綁

hay (n) 乾草

stuff (v) 塞


Scarecrows keep birds away from crops. 稻草人讓小鳥遠離農作物。

The teacher shows how to make a scarecrow.  老師示範如何製作稻草人。

The students tie the hay to make the scarecrow's arms and legs. 學生們綁稻草來做稻草人的手和腳。

The students stuff the hay in the scarecrow's clothes. 學生們將稻草塞入稻草人的衣服。

Words 實用單字
tea ceremony (n) 茶道

tea leaves (n) 茶葉

teapot (n) 茶壺

pour (v) 倒入

teacup (n) 茶杯

During a tea ceremony, the host prepares and serves the tea. 在茶道中,主人會準備並提供茶。

First, the host puts tea leaves in the teapot. 首先,主人會將茶葉放入茶壺中。

Next, the host pours hot water in the teapot. 接下來,主人會往茶壺裡倒入熱水。

Then the host pours the tea into the guests' teacups. 然後,主人會將茶倒入客人的茶杯裡。

Finally, the guests lift their teacups to their lips and take small sips. 最後,客人會把茶杯舉到嘴邊,喝一小口。

Words 實用單字
computer lab (n)電腦教室

mouse (n)滑鼠

tablet (n)平板

keyboards (n)鍵盤

The students are practicing their computer skills in the computer lab. 學生在電腦教室練習電腦技巧。

The student uses a mouse to click on the screen. 學生使用滑鼠在螢幕上點選。

The students use a tablet with a computer. 學生使用電腦與平板。

The students are typing on the keyboards. 學生正在鍵盤上打字。

Words 實用單字
Croquet (n)槌球

croquet court (n)槌球場

mallet (n)木槌

wicket (n)(板球運動中的)三柱門


Croquet is a fun outdoor game. 槌球是一種有趣的戶外遊戲。

A croquet court is usually made of grass. 槌球場通常是草地。

People play croquet with mallets and balls on a grass field. 人們在草地上用木槌和球打槌球。

In croquet, players take turns hitting the ball through a series of wickets. 在槌球運動中,球員輪流擊球過一系列小門。